Outro / external switch single press


Is there a way to end the song by pressing a single switch? I don’t necessarily need the accent, but would be glad if I could start the outro with a single press because double clicking that footswitch always throws me off - and now that I play along to a drum machine everybody will notice :lol:


I like this idea.


In the end, an external footswitch can end up having too many assignable features to choose from. But the more choice - the better, I suppose.

At first, I was concerned with double tapping myself. But it’s actually not that bad. Long press for a transition in a fast tempo beat can be hard to perform flawlessly as well. All these functions can end up being assignable to the external footswitch.

At least one that I would really love myself - is that a transition would be triggered by a simple tap if no fills are assigned to that part.


I agree about having too many options can be worse … and one thing I like about the BB is it’s easy - I had it figured out quickly

I am getting a better at the double tap thing… but one more comment in favor of a dedicated Outro in the menu options is I need to use the outro tap on every song, whereas options like tap tempo or accent I’ll probably only use now and then when needed…

anyway food for thought for the next revision planning…


Maybe consider MIDI control. Use external MIDI device and connect it to MIDI IN of BB.


Set the right switch for pause. When you want to end the song just pause and then change songs.