Outro Fill playback intermittent


I have a problem where the Outro Fill isn’t always played.

During play, both the BB Manager on Windows and the BB Pedal indicate that the Outro is being triggered, but often there is no sound.

It doesn’t seem to be related to any particular song. Sometimes a particular song’s Outro will be audible, sometimes it won’t.

Any ideas please?



It would help to know which songs, so one or more of us could check them.

Thanks Phil. Here’s one of the songs with this intermittent problem. I created it with the BB Manager.

I have replicated your problem. I tried several troubleshooting processes, and I am at a loss. I get the crash to play consistently, but I only intermittently get the kick and snare.

What appears to happen, is that unless you get that outro triggered just an instant before the downbeat, the outro begins to play at the position in the measure to which the beat has advance. Therefore, it misses everything in the outro if you trigger anywhere after the 3rd 1/16th note of the measure. Try it in your pedal, with the following changes to settings. Main Pedal>Cue Fill Period>Next Measure. If that works, then also try it with Main Pedal>Cue Fill Period>Next Beat. I think that might fix things.

Thanks again Phil. It only works consistently with Main Pedal>Cue Fill Period>Next Measure, which unfortunately messes up the timing of fills within songs. I prefer fills to be triggered immediately. Is there any way we can bring this bug to the attention of the developers, so they can fix it in a future release of the BB Manager and Firmware?

Sure, just post the request in the Features Requested section. Described the problem as you did in this thread, and then recommend that separate Cue Fill Period option be made available for the Outro Fill.

Will do, thanks for all your help

I posted a similar problem about 10 minutes ago then found this post. My problem is that when you trigger the beat buddy for the outro, it doesn’t start playing until the 3rd beat of the measure. I am not sure if you can help me either but would appreciate it if you could. I am uploading the outro. Maybe you can see what I am doing wrong.

Hi Bill,

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, I believe this is an issue with the BB Manager Software and BB Pedal Firmware. I’ve submitted a Feature Request to the Developers. Hopefully they’ll fix the issue in due course.

In the meantime you could try changing the pedal settings to: Main Pedal>Cue Fill Period>Next Measure

But please be aware that this setting affects the timing of all Fills, not just the Outro Fill.

All the best


I appreciate your responding to my post. I have tried several things I know to do and as you said all to no avail. It is strange how no matter what midi editor I use, it always starts on the 3rd beat of the measure. Oh well. Hopefully as you said, they will get on it soon. Thank you for your help.

Bill, please post the entire BB song that you’re having problems with.

I think I got this. Bill, to me this looks like a common problem that I run into where the BB takes the dead space at the end of a midi loop and moves it to the beginning of the midi loop. I don’t know why this happens, but it seems to be a real issue with loops put into the outro slot. It would help me if I knew what drum kit you were trying to use, as I don’t know what kit would have sounds mapped at midi 24 and 32.

Nonetheless, my fix for this type of loop is to lengthen the last kick until the end of the measure. That keeps the BB from moving the dead space to the front end of the loop. See and try the attached.

I understand what you are saying and will try that. I am using the Latin kit for this song. Also though, I have also discovered that if I click play just on the outro, that it may or not play but then it locks everything up and I have to x out of the manager and reopen… Strange. And I have rewritten the outros I have put them onto other songs, etc., and getting the same result…Thx for your help.

Persist, that would be rather hard, as I call them songs but what I am doing is I have a verse, (more laid back beat) and then a chorus, (heavier beat) and a bunch of fills. Not sure you would want all that crap, lol.

NP, Bill.

I was wondering if it had anything to do with the fact that I step wrote the outro… No matter where I put it, (fill, intro, outro) its messed up.
On top of which it then freezes up… Very strange.

Sometimes it takes a village to solve a problem :wink:

If you can upload the MIDI file for the Outro that’s causing you problems, I’ll take a look at it. I’d prefer to examine the Outro within one of your songs. Would you clarify what you meant by step writing the Outro?

I’m came here looking for a solution to erratic outro-fills. I found with the cue fill period set to next bar, sometimes the outro would play correctly and sometimes not, even though I had the footswitch set to play the outro and hit it on the same beat of the bar each time.

Through trial and error I noticed something. When a song is initial selected a ‘loading’ bar appears on the line of the display that says ‘Drum set’. I had been starting the song with the main pedal when this bar loaded and disappeared. This is a mistake. One has to wait for the name of the drum set to appear before starting the song, which, if the outro has some large custom samples could take several seconds. Waiting to see the name of the drum set solved before starting the song solved my issue and I hope this helps someone else.