Outro Fill playback intermittent

I have a problem where the Outro Fill isn’t always played. This problem occurs if the outro is one bar in length. Some of my Outros just have snare and crash cymbal within beat one and nothing after. I’ve uploaded an example of a song I made.

During play, both the BB Manager on Windows and the BB Pedal indicate that the Outro is being triggered, but often there is no sound.

What appears to happen, is that unless you get that outro triggered just an instant before the downbeat, the outro begins to play at the position in the measure to which the beat has advanced. Therefore, it misses everything in the outro if you trigger anywhere after the 3rd 1/16th note of the measure.

Would it be possible to have a separate cue fill period option for the Outro fill.

e.g. something like Main Pedal>Outro Cue Fill Period>Next Measure