Outro missing?

Just wanted to confirm with folks that not all beats/songs have Outros I found some files that don’t have outros in the Clapton collection. I want to make sure my unit is operating correctly.

yes some songs do not have outros and some dont have intros either like the country beats

Thanks! Really starting to enjoy this little monster. Lots of possibilities.

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You can always add an outro if desired.

Oh right. I’m guessing by using the beatbuddy mgr to copy paste from another song?

You can create them within BBM using the built in midi editor. It‘s a basic editor, but usable.

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No kidding? Will have to look into that.

Thank you

You mentioned a BBM built-in midi editor. I’m not technically inclined but, I’d like to learn more and understand how to use the BBM midi editor. I’ve never noticed a midi editor - maybe I haven’t looked hard enough! Can you please give me a steer on where I can find the info for BB?

Download the manual for Beatbuddy Manager software here: https://singularsound-publicly-downloadable.s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/manuals/BeatBuddy_Manager_v1.6.4_v1.6.5_Quickstart_Guide.pdf

Read part 4 beginning on page 15. That will get you started.