Outro plays in BB Manager but not on BB

Firmware 1.8.5 and Manager in use. Pop Fill 74 - snare short fill.bbt used as an outro. It did work as an outro on this one song then for some reason stopped. Plays on the MAC in Manager but won’t play when triggered from the pedal - outros on other songs do. I deleted it and re-inserted it from the stock files with no luck on this one song. I’ll try deleting the entire .sng and replacing it (haven’t yet) - perhaps corrupted? Any ideas?

Can you upload the sng and the MIDI file you are trying to put on that sng’s outro?

Erased and rebuilt the .sng from the stock file that comes with BB as before and added the outro fill as before. Works fine now so indeed a gremlin got in the file somehow.

please help???i can’t download bb manager 1.6.5 …my pc is win10.

You can get it here: http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?threads/beatbuddy-manager-software-1-64-win-mac.6232/

If you continue to experience any issues with the download or installation, send me a PM here or email me: support@singularsound.com