I still cant get the hang of my outros ,either too late or they finish too quick.Have tried everythng including writing my own .Has anyone got any hints or tips on how to get those outros right ? best settings for main pedal etc.

I’ve been using the BB manger midi editor to gradually lower the volume on my outros to create a fade out outro effect.

thats a good suggestion

I can sympathize Anthony. We use outros frequently and for some reason on a couple of songs I suddenly seemed to get in the habit of kicking them in too early -sounds like the drummer quit on the downbeat so not catastrophic just not cool. I thought something was wrong with the pedal and reloaded the song I was most annoyed with and did some other tinkering finally realizing of course it was me. I’ve since practiced and noted on my iPad (we use UnRealbook) when to kick it. Clearly if I’m a little quick some nights as opposed to being in the moment BB will respond. If I wait too long it means holding the final chord while the drummer showboats a bit but considering the value of real time triggering which I prefer live it’s worth a bit of work and risk.

Thanx Michael ,good to see its not just me that has the problem.It sooo sux when I accidently hit outro to early or too late and sounds really unproffessional which I hate
Do you have the main pedal set to trigger after push or release.I also have my outro trigger set on the footswitch not the main pedal.Im not sure whether the press or release thing applies to footswitch when set on main pedal …if you get my meaning.
If only there was some fail safe intuitive thing on BB for the outros.

Anthony - as we know stuff happens playing live good and not so much but in my mind trying to nail things down too much (I list being overly reliant on One Press approach for instance) risks beating life out of the reason we play live. While that may be necessary for the solo & duo acts playing in some venues we are striving to avoid being overly contrived. Hitting the BB switches is very much like playing the right notes anywhere else. Likewise trying to do too much with BB defeats its value and becomes burdensome. So much for philosophy…

I was surprised by the ‘start on press’ vs ‘start on release’ option when I first got BB 3 years ago. Its a main pedal function - still don’t really know why it would be a benefit to start on release (if I don’t want an intro I delete it in BBMgr) and use Pause/UnPause on the left button as a ‘when playing’ function. Many songs have an intro as opposed to a count-off. There are many to choose from. I start some songs dead on the down beat no intro, at least one (She’s Not There) on the ‘1’ but it runs an Intro underneath our play and others I feed an Intro in under an opening lick set up by the lead guitarist (Green River). Many of these are in the link in my signature for reference. Outro triggers on the right most button and becomes song advance when stopped. All our songs are named in BB Mgr and listed in order in Set folders.

I totally agree with the philosophy ,I guess unproffessional was the wrong word maybe Im more afraid of looking like an idiot lol.Im in a trio and mistakes are fine if Im solo its easy to cover for that but with 3 of us we need to communicate if mistakes happen keep playing through them .Thats what I continually try to drum in to the girls (if you’ll pardon the pun) I dont want to do the cover like we’re trying to exactly replicate them,then that would be karaoke.I want to put an ambient different twist on the covers with our own arrangements.I try to have less than 4 or 5 different drum transitons for each song example for Avalon 2 main beats and for True 1 beat is fine.I like to use some of the cheesy drum machine sounds as well like the Roland 909.I have my outro trigger on left footswitch button and pause on right.Pause is actually a good effect.I downloaded the elements songs (intros and simple outros) I either edit them a little to add a tom on 4th beat or extend them or leave them depending on what I want.I also stick to a couple of fills transitions which work really well but am always discovering new ones.

Sounds to me like you are well on your way and have found already that unrelenting determination does pay off. Also grants you the ability to recover gracefully when things go wrong live…and we know they do. I’ve had some serendipitous moments when I hit Outro rather than fill and had to restart with the intro on the next verse and miraculously sounded cool doing it. Don’t recommend being too cavalier though. The forum is a great education resource and people like Persist (Chip) are always there to bail you out when in over your head technically.

On the new firmware upgrade 2.o4 you can set the cue fill period for … next measure .
I always had an issue w tagging the outro from Memphis …
It was skipping the 1st desc lick, drove us nuts. adding more 'pressure & anxiety to an already uncomfortable situation . :frowning:

the new cue fill setting solves that :wink:
I mistakenly thought it was a release time issue … (min is set @ 60% )

Hi rknrne yeh Ive tried the next measure thing ,so can you set that for just the outro and have the fills set to something different? I’ve tried the next measure thing but it also sets it for the fills and I find that Id rather have it set for fills so when I hit it it does the fill straight away seems more natural.If I can have the next measure thing set just for the outro so it doesnt effect the fills that would be great.Si Im checking it out now.

In a live situation, my opinion and experience is to avoid the outro all together and use the PAUSE button to end, probably at least 8 times out of 10. Some of the outros sound good and don’t require mental gymnastics to properly trigger. Other outros can be really cheesy or can go on for multiple measures…

New beatbuddy owner here - Don’t have it yet but planning before I start playing with it tonight. For Outros, Is there any way to edit the Pause footswitch feature to include a cymbal crash on the pause as well instead of just doing it with the other button of the ext pedal. I am actually a drummer (prior to becoming a guitarist) and on a break, more often than not I would use a cymbal crash at that time in a real world situation (maybe even a choked cymbal) .

As you become familiar with the midi editor you can just make a new outro pattern and put a cymbal crash or crash and kick or whatever you want and put in the outro slot.I think though I cant be 100% sure that there is no way to play accent and pause using one button.What you can try though is stepping on pause and accent switch buttons at once but thats a little tricky.I’ve spent alot of hours on the BB midi editor getting outros sorted and dont forget to check out the songs you can purchase from singular sound library ,I’ve used alot of the outros from Beatles Stones and Eagles songs to copy and paste and they work perfectly for outros you’ll find alot of single hit outros /fills there