Over-ride footswitch by song

In lieu of a midi foot switch with more buttons, it would be nice to be able on a song by song basis to override the function of the external two buttons. Like on the left side of the song in the manager to have a button/checkbox to override buttons, then two drop downs that allow you to pick the function for that song.

This way I could use the accent button on most songs, but on the few songs were I need to use the pause feature, it could just work without having to bend over and change the settings.

This feature would most likely not be important for jamming, but for playing live it would be fantastic!

It would indeed and has been requested before, however I would not give up on being able to utilise a midi fot controlling the BB in the future.

I can think of a special MIDI-based board (that consists of multiple footswitches actually), that you plug directly into BeatBuddy MIDI In to control it. That would be a really nice and powerful pedal extension.
If I imagine just a little more - if this imaginary board now also has a MIDI In (as MIDI Out goes to BeatBuddy), you will also not give up on being able to utilise controlling a BeatBuddy from some external MIDI device.

This is nothing but a possible product line vision now.

I would rather see a custom midi pedal with like 6 buttons that plugs into the MIDI port and requires zero programming. It would be fantastic to have buttons for stop, accent, pause, next song section, next song in list, previous song in list. And long holding the previous and next buttons going to the next or previous genre(I’m using genre’s as setlists). Long holding next song section would be FANTASTIC if it took you to a “special” song section that was only accessible that way, for bridges, or just weird parts of songs that you don’t want to cycle through.

I’m curious what other people would like to see :slight_smile:

One should clearly realize, that at that same moment one starts speaking about handling long pedal presses (as in holding), you must be ready to have simple presses register at switch release, not press any more.

Just speaking from experience here. Otherwise unwanted behavior will definitely occur - you intend to hold the pedal, yet the simple press already got fired, and the pedal needs workaround logic to somehow undo that.

Yeah, I am curious as well. Different people have different needs, so it would be super cool to analyze what would satisfy the most users while at least giving options to everyone else as well.

I agree with jlaustill… It would definitely be handy to have some way of going to a “special” loop with a switch so that you don’t have to cycle through all the loops again or add 8 parts to a song when you could get away with 2 main parts and a special part. Great idea!

Sooo many options and controllers once all clip transitions and hand/foot tweak able settings can enabled on midi-in via Prog Change, Control Change and Notes support, There would be no need to mod the BB switches. Simple as it can be for people wanting plug and play a/b/auto fill with the stereo switch and midi pedalboard rocket science for the others.

I replaced the BB pedal with a BOSS F5-6. This is a dual pedal with individual settings for latch/release modes and polarity. These features expand the capabilities of a standard on/off switch like in the BB pedal.

It is important to say that FS-6 will not work at all without or with a dead 9V battery. There’s no option for a power adapter for this device - only battery.

Yeah that’s annoying. I ended up adapting mine to accept and power supply. I have been using this unit with other drum consoles and I really like its flexibility and noiseless operation.

Personally, I have two Boss FS-5U Pedals wired together into a Switchcraft Stereo Plug for each function as the original remote BB Pedal and they work silently with no batteries. Had them on my Pedalboard already. Programmed easily from Beat Buddy and they also have Polarity Switch open or closed. Nice! Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.