Overdub Punch-in on beat adds a count-in

When adding a track it works fine and starts at the beginning of the measure when hitting record right on the beat.

When overdubbing though, it adds a count-in and starts recording after that.

I’m able to trick it by punching in a measure before the end of the loop so when the count in is done it starts recording at the correct time. That’s a pain and isn’t reasonable.

Also, if the count-in is left in place from the first bear of the loop then at the end of the loop it seems to shift things around to try and line it up… but it doesn’t end up being correct.

At that point I hit the wall where I can’t delete just that track and have to start over by erasing everything.

Very frustrating.

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I ran into this same problem! I was mystified as to what was happening.

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Happy it’s not just me! I’d like to hit record and be recording at that very instance. I know since it has to fill a loop up to match it to a previous loop that it might need to fill in an area to match it up but i wish it would do it at the end… sorry if that doesn’t make sense!

If I understand it correctly, they added a .5sec tolerance to the front of a measure for it to snap to that measure. I wish there was at least .10sec tolerance after the measure since it seems that unless you punch in before the measure, it adds one. I’d like to be able to hit record right on the beat.

I’m looking forward to them working this stuff out. and freeform mode will be the simplicity I’m hoping for but a more consistent measured mode too.

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