Overkill OPBh (E) 2017-08-16 - Men At Work

Designed for 2.0.4 or greater

NP Standard Bass Horns kit

Package includes song file, lyric sheet, working file and midi map

Don’t forget to say thanks if you use the song…

Download Here


Used this song at our last 2 gigs. Awesome! Straightforward, great sounds and has gone over well with our crowd. Allows me to joke that we are the only duo in New England (USA) that plays multiple Men at Work songs.

Just going to add again that this is a terrific version. It’s one of our more requested songs at this point and it just works beautifully for us!

Thanks @GarryA !

That is a good version. I don’t like most of the “horn tracks” I pick up from the site but this one is pretty good. I have a gig in two weeks. I had my songs ready to go but I might have to think about adding this one. Nice job on this GarryA.