"Overwrite" feature

I am desperately looking for a kind of realtime overwrite feature while catching loop-phrases on the fly (more freeform but also in synced manner at times).
Meaning: you catch a little loop idea, improvise over it. And immediately you replace the old loop with a new one. Right now something like this is only possible by switching to a new part wich involves some tap dancing on the Aeros. I’d love to see a way to this in a one button press way.


Sounds like a perfect use case for a midi controller. I like the Morningstar ones…

The Aeros is never going to have enough buttons/settings to handle the variety of needs. Doubtful that Aeros will ever support customization of the buttons or have a handsfree way to choose a less common command via button or scrollwheel

If you’re lucky a lot of these complex, custom workflows can be done by an adequate midi implementation.

Thanks for the input!
Well, I think this „overwrite“ feature would just take another setting-option in the song settings. One could use a dedicated „undo“ option that way that a new recording start right away when undoing for example…

Loop decay in a way will work here, you could set a loop to decay by 100% with every new overdub layer, the biggest difference is that the whole layer underneath would effectively mute.

We likely will not do this feature, please forward any other thoughts to this post as it seems to be a #duplicate

Because it is a duplicate I will close this thread

Thank you for the request!