Overwrite Project to SD Card?

I made some BPM and Midi Loop changes in my Gig Setlist via a SD Card Reader attached to my Mac and am trying to use the “Export Project to SD Card” to update my Songs on my BB Pedal. I gfet the dialog box advising me the location already has a Project, and asks “do I want to overwrite it”, which I do (to save the changes).

The BB Mgr starts the process and quickly gives me this:

“Unable to delete /Volumes/8DAY BB/DRUMSETS/01A3DBCD.DRM. What would you like to do?”

I “Retry” it to no avail and have to hit the “Abort” Button.

What am I missing?

Found the answer to this while searching through older threads. Going to leave it her in case is reading this post!

“The problem with exporting on a mac is that our SD cards are usually at some place like /Volumes/BBCARD, and the software thinks that’s not a “root” type folder, so you actually have to say NO in order to export, otherwise it goes to /, which is the hard drive root, not the sd card root.”

Help i am on a mac and it wont let me overwrte my=setlist ,it looks like its updating then when you put the sd card in it is still the same .driving me mad

Welcome, Andrew.

  1. Check that the slide lock is not in the locked position on your SD card.
  2. Are you using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)? If not, you must do so.
  • Save Project using your BBM to your computer
  • Use BBM to File > Export Project to SD Card (/Volumes/NO NAME/)
  • Once export completes, allow BBM to Synchronize Project to SD Card
  1. Whenever you make changes to your Project, save to computer and then Sync to SD Card

Thanks will try now ,

Still wont do it ,now driving me mental ,wasting hours on something that should be simple ,I am usiung the software as per instruction ,

If this is still unresolved, please email me at support@singularsound.com and we will arrange a phone support session with remote viewing.

Hi there, I seem to be experiencing the same dilemma. After downloading and installing new beats and a drum set from the BB website, I saved the project and tried installing the new project on the SD card. I’ve explored every suggestion on the Forum but am still coming up with the same message as everyone else. I’m not in a GREAT hurry to get this done but would like to see if I can get e remedy in a few days if possible. Thanks!

Please email support@singularsound.com and we will arrange a phone support session with remote viewing so I can see what is happening on your end.