Own beats

Requested some gypsy swing style beats, but no one answered. So, I tried to build my own beat. First of all experimented with importing midi files from Band in the box. I have chosen my song, disabled every instrument, except drums, exported whole song midi, then opened in Guitar Pro, and disparted to main 1, main 2, fills, transitions etc. Then imported to new song in BB manager. Everything was going successful. So I can import midi files from outer source.
But I have problems with midi mapping. BB uses GM, isn’t it? Even so, the beat doesn’n sounds correctly, regardless wich drumset I use. Help me please with this question, or show me please the thread about this in forum, can’t find it. Maybe Beat Builder is the solution. Can it reorganise mapping of imported midi files for BB?

Or, can I remapping in my DAW’s midi editor? Is it enough to transpose whole imported midi file? Beat builder is java program., I don’t like java.
What is your experience with Beat Builder. Or do you know another way for remapping?

Correct, BeatBuddy Manager uses GM. You can also verify the mapping of the beats by double clicking on the drums in the ‘drumsets’ tab of the BBManager. Maybe you can upload the MIDI files here so they can be checked?

Answering some of your questions:

  • “the pedal uses General MIDI files for patterns and 16/24–bit WAV files for drum sounds,”
  • there are some important exceptions: “general midi specifies two different notes for kick, and two for snare. Most drum kits only use one. Use 36 for kick, and 38 for snare
  • Beat Builder adjusts midi notes to conform to the BeatBuddy
  • if you need to do major midi remapping, you can use your DAW midi editor
  • if you need to do minor midi remapping, you can use the BBM Midi Editor

If you assemble a midi song outside of BBM, and only need to make some minor changes, here’s how to do it using the BBM Midi Editor. It’s helpful to use a GM map for drums, which I’ve attached along with several screen shots

  • add your midi file to a new song you create in the BBM; set the Default Drum Set and the Default Tempo
  • edit the midi in the section by ctrl-clicking (I’m using a Mac with a trackpad and I can also hold-click); 01 SS
  • click “No” when asked to quantize and it brings you to the midi editing window; 02 SS
  • there are 3 midi notes that I want to correct: 12 and 37 (I know this because I reviewed the instruments in my DAW and when I auditioned the song in the BBM, it just did not sound right); also need to change 47 because the BBM does not support it; 03 SS
  • change midi notes 12 to 36, 37 to 38 and 47 to 45 (I use the drum map to identify the instrument name "Low-Mid Tom); 04 SS, 05 SS, 06 SS and 06a SS
  • once you’ve corrected the midi notes, click Apply (bottom left corner of BBM); audition the song and make other adjustments as needed; 07 SS

There are probably other and more efficient ways to do this and as you gain experience, you will find what works for you.

Thanks. I’ll try. Seems difficult, but hope to understand while doing.

Here is my first attempt. Made with Beat Builder. It’s something like “polka” with swing feel. It can be used with some gypsy jazz songs or oldie, jazzy songs. It’s to harsh for me still. Will try working on refinement. Call it Estam Swung. Estam is a special gypsy backbeat, 2 and 4 type.