PA Speaker Question

I use a pair of Kustom KPC10s (10"+Horn) for my PA system. They work great and are plenty loud enough for any of the bars and even smaller outdoor venues around here. I am powering them with a Yamaha EXM5 with 500 watts of power x 2 channels (L+R or Main+Mon)

I’d like to use the old KPC10s for my Practice Rig, and have a separate Gigging Rig that’s always ready to load without having to tear down my whole practice space. However, they don’t make the KPC10s anymore. The only 10" passive Kustom speaker is the KPX10…which is billed as a “Monitor Cabinet”.

The specifications of the KPX10 are nearly identical to the KPC10. They have the same RMS and Peak handling, the same frequency response, and as far as I can tell, very similar speaker and horn. The only differences that I can see are

  • The KPX10 is just slightly more compact
  • The KPX10 has a slightly higher crossover frequency (5k vs 4k)
  • The KPX10 is beveled to allow for angled floor setup, where the KPC10 is just a rectangle box

The KPX10 does have pole mount ports on the bottom. So my question…given that I can’t find any other passive 10" speakers for reasonable prices…and the fact that they are almost identical in specs…

Is there any reason I can’t just use 4 of them for my gigging rig? 2 on poles facing the crowd and 2 on the floor as monitors? The Yamaha head has a Main channel and a monitor channel, each one can be daisy chained with 2x8ohm speakers.

None whatsoever. Go for it!


I use the same speakers with a small class D amp pushing about 100 watts. I find the bass response a bit weak and augment the bottom with a smaller 12” powered sub. I run the line out to the sub and the sub outs to the small amp, keeps the speaker lines shorter. Works great! The setup works for a small PA too and I have a couple personal monitors that are even less power. Everything is small, easy to setup and low powered. Oh, and relatively cheap!