Painted Black (The Stones)

Please help … Have any of you found the right beat for this song?
Thanks in advance

Paint It Black…The Rolling Stones.

Super - Génial !

Welcome, Arsaut. So you can get the best support from this forum, please do your best to post your comments in English. Many of our forum users translate using Google Translate.

Thanks Sir Persit.
That’s what I did, “Génial” means “Super” in French or “Fantastic” in Us. I promise to ban every single french word.
I also have the same problem as yours about numerous guitars but I’ve designed a lot of increasing strategies without a single suspicious mind from my wife. Wanna some good tips ?

Would enjoy hearing some good tips. My problem is is that my wife is smarter than me and already knows every trick in the book :wink:

Tip #1 : mind “shops can help you”
Just ask them to store your last buy in a corner for a while and catch that guitar the day you buy the next one !

Haha. Will have to try.

Hey all. Does anybody have this tune “Painted Black” with Bass? :rolleyes:

Thought it had been posted already to Resources but could not find it. I’ll post it there shortly.

As requested. Hope I haven’t posted something that I just couldn’t find in Resources: