Pan function for kick/separate out kick

Any idea if it’s possible to send the kick to one side and the rest to the other so the board can get a clean kick? I haven’t seen a recent answer on this. Thanks, Chris

You would have to do that in your drum set creation. Create a stereo WAV file of the kick samples only in the left channel and then stereo WAV files of every other sample in the right channel.


Yeah. I’m never gonna do that, though. I wish you could just pan the kick in the settings. Think of the sound person! Thanks for the answer,

I’m not a sound person, but @DickWSmith would it help to have a beat that consists of only bass drum for initial mixer setup? You wouldn’t get a clean kick during the gig but at least the mixer setup might be the best compromise :relieved:

I made some split kit setups a couple years ago, bass out one side, drums out the other, but, people don’t read directions, and I got fed up with having to respond to requests about the bass or drums not working on kit so and so. I never made one with just the kick drum on one side. That seems like a very specialized set up. I don’t know of other drum machines that have that level of mixing. I suppose there are some that have a pan setting per instrument, but going hard right kick, and hard left everything else wouldn’t have been something i ever thought about. Just an FYI.

My understanding is that the left and right would be used as two mono channels, not to be outputted from left and right speaker.

Basic idea is to use different EQ + other mixer effects to kick and other drums :relieved:

The BB has two output options, a combined single cable stereo out, or separate right and left channel outs. I understand what he wants, but in kit building practice for the BB, the way to achieve that, as Andrew noted, is to build the kick drum sample so that it panned hard to one side, while the other samples are panned hard to the other side. Then, using the BB separate right and left outs, you have two simulated mono signals, one contains the kick on side 1, the other contains the rest of the kit one side B. You could then EQ the kick separately, but everything else would have to be EQ’d as a group.

There is no pure mono out on the BB. The closest that you can get is to record the samples in mono, and then use the combined output so that everything is “down the middle.” You then run those outputs into a mixer and set them as you wish. Presumably, the mixer has its own pan.

But, if you just using the BB by itself, there is no pan adjustment. To create panning from the BB, samples need to be recorded, in stereo, in their proper place in the stereo field and then played back using stereo outputs.

When I built the split kits, I was using them into a multi-channel Roland Keyboard amp, which does not function by itself as a stereo playback. It’s just one speaker. I then had separate volume pedals for the two BB outputs, so that I could mix the bass and drums on the fly without having to adjust setting on the knobs. It worked, but, as I said, users who didn’t read documentation were having difficulty using the kits. As a result, I just quit making kits that way.

Doing that kind of kits for others seems like trouble :sweat_smile: But for personal usage to get the best kick sound during gig might be worth it, even if all would be eventually panned to the middle :thinking:

And to clarify: BB panning would be hard left and right, but mixer setup middle. The L/R outputs in BB are mono sockets after all :relieved: