Panning metronome/song in beatbuddy

Hi, do you know if it is possible to pan song/instruments in beatbuddy?

I would like to use 2 sound channels left/right with two different purposes. (for example) in the left channel I would like to listen the song and in the right channel I would like to listen a metronome.

The reason is that I have Bought a Ditto JAM X2 looper. This looper can be synchronized by sounds and works fine with rock/blues beats. But Ditto looper does not sync correctly with not regular beats like Jazz ones…

So, my solution could be:

  • to use the right Output audio channel connected to the amp with the Jazz song
  • to use the left Output audio channel connected to the looper with the metronome sound.

Could I do this solution with the beatbuddy?

Yes, but you need to record your own samples to get to that point. The BB does respond to left and right panned signals, i.e., it plays a stereo signal. But, there is no pan control built into the BB, so to create the effect you want, you would need to record the metronome panned full right, and then place those samples in the drum kit, replacing the existing metronome. Likewise, you would need to reprocess the drum kit samples panned and recorded hard left. This does work. Some of my earlier drum kits use a system where the bass and keyboards are panned hard right, and the drums are hard left. I did this so I could control drum volume independently from the bass and keys.

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Ok, do you know what is the wav format expected by BB drumests?

I am trying to import wav files creates with audacity but it seem not to works. I am not sure about the codecs and audio format I must to use.,

44.1 kHz, 16 bit.

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And no meta tags.

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