Panning Parts (or sections in 2x2 and 6x6)

Still learning the language of Aeros here, but when I go into mixer mode I see I can change volume of parts (sections), but is it possible to pan the parts in the stereo field yet? If not, is this on the roadmap?


Not as of yet, but it was suggested, and if I remember correctly, David thought it was a good idea.

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Good, all advanced loppers by Roland, end, etc have this and with multi track Loopers this is essential.

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I hate to say it but i stopped using the Aeros looper months ago, i wanted to return it but i think my return period expired.
The problems with it all stem from SS releasing it before it was ready and having to wait for constant updates. This was super frustrating and a huge waste of my time, as a working musician it would freeze up at gigs and rebooting was necessary. It doesn’t do what i thought it would do and it’s way complicated to work. I find it has alot of features that are not really helpful and is not user friendly.
I’ve gone back to my midi controlled Ditto x4 and no issues with BB except for rebooting after breaks because a strange whistle appears.
I’ll revisit it when i have more time but more then likely i will sell it.
Sorry Singular.


After several days of working with the looper, I decided to return the device.
The functions of the Looper are not fully developed and the simplest functions are missing, such as panning the stereo tracks, the limited loop time to 2:30 minutes, no connection to a laptop, saving loops on the disc … …
The description of the device in the catalog of the seller is misleading. Functions listed in the catalog are not available.

Sorry, but to sell such an immature device is bold. For the price, I expect a well thought-out device! I am not a BTA tester and I do not want to be one.



I’m sorry to say I agree 100%. Way too pricey for a pedal that’s not ready.
The BB is brilliant and I’ll keep working with it, wish it was easier to expand on it’s use.

I’m happy so far with my Aeros, but surprised to see that panning is not possible. Coming from an RC-300, I did not even consider that this would be an issue.


For sure, no panoramics is a big lack for a stéréo looper. I hope it comes with the next update.


Hello all, I tagged this as med-long term because this is in very early stages of development and is really only in UX mock up stage, we hope to implement it soon.

Stay tuned!

Last big need for me.

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Sorry I missed you folks at NAMM this year. Just checking if there is an update on this topic? I asked for a $700 Sweetwater for Father’s Day, planning to purchase the Aeros but wanted to double check if there was a software update yet to allow panning prior to recording.


Saw your question on the other panning post, currently there is no news on this feature

Thanks for the question

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Hi Brennan,

Thanks for your feedback.

I’m currently looking into another solution to have the panning feature with Aeros.

Are you able to confirm, if I have a custom mixer pedal made and place it in front of the Aeros, will this provide the desired effect?

Thanks in advance.

Correct! It just needs to use 1/4 in TS connections, you could use a TRS into the Aux IN