Panoramic for each tracks

Hi everyone,
I agree with Thovy64 ,it’s absolutely necessary.(while recording or even post mixing).
I was thinking of buying the aeros next week when I saw that this wasn’t available on the machine so I will wait and see for the moment, too bad…

Do you have an idea when the panning options will be released please?
Btw I know it’s not the topic here but could you please tell me what is the exact sample rate and kind of converters on-board?

Hey there,

Panning is something that will require a rework of the entire mixer, so that is not something that will be done quickly. That being said it is something that we are really excited about and we are definitely intending to add to the Aeros.

Stay tuned


I’d underline the difference between panning on INPUT, to place a track ready for recording, and panning the OUTPUTs from the mixer.

I can see where panning the OUTPUTS from the mixer would require revamping - but that mode is the least useful, in my experience, and I’d vote for holding that till later.

If you could first implement panning on INPUT - it might be much simpler to do - and it would be hugely helpful to the unit.
There might be two scenarios:

  1. I have a mono input on one of the input jacks. I want to place that anywhere from L to R in the stereo spectrum.
  2. I have a stereo signal on both input jacks. I want to narrow that and move it anywhere L to R.

Even if you started by releasing option 1 above, it would be great.

You might use two of the push button switches to click little increments L or R to find the right place in the stereo, or maybe the rolling foot knob could be used.

Bottom line - please consider breaking panning into some incremental functionality that you can release over time – do make us wait for a huge development chunk. The incremental, Agile approach will be better for we users.


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I’d rather see it happen after the fact, as I layer more things, I will most likely want to set where they are in the mix.

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Long time looper, but a new Aeros user here (Christmas present!).

Panning is desperately needed. I’d be happy to have pre or post recording which ever is quickest to implement. Definitely agree that pre would seem easier and would be my first priority. Absolutely critical for mono signals like many guitar preamp/cab pedals (I’m using the Ampli-firebox). Even for something like the strymon Iridium which has stereo out, there is no pan, so you get a stereo “room” but down the center peak volume.

I was just looking for an analog panning pedal to do this in the mean time.

This is something we hope to get to very soon, we have already started redesigning the mixer!

Stay tuned!


When do you think the dream came thru?

Almost there!


This is a big deal. Two thumbs up. I’d give you more but it’s all I have!


Any news on it?
I’ve seen you’re working on the Midi Stuff improvement. Nice. But I’m not a Midi guy and am rather waiting for the panoramic improvement. Desperately waiting for it I must say., almost since the very beginning. This sooooo long.

This is not that far off but it is not currently being worked on, no. We cannot split our team to work on more than one major improvement at a time if we wish to release once every month or so. We understand this is important to you but all features are important to everyone, depends who you ask. We try our best to accommodate what we believe is most critical, but cannot make everyone happy, though we do try!

Thanks for your feedback and your patience.


Hope it’s a priority for a the next update after midi update.

After Midi should still be the “Auto Q to first loop” update. Panning is important tho and I hope it comes soon after. Probably harder to program the UI than the actual Panoramic features.

Yes, panning! Running a stereo PA setup. Panning would be a big plus!

Basically, we are likely to do MIDI Master capabilities, then AutoQuantize, then likely this will come soon after. We do see it as a priority but the problem is currently solvable by using a Mixer into the Aeros.

We want to make Aeros a full standalone mixer ASAP, but it will require some major rework of the UI in the mixer which ties with other features and this is the main reason we are waiting a bit on it versus these other features which are not UI heavy afawk and work smoothly with our plan as it develops (no pun intended).

Thanks for the feedback, stay tuned!

Yes your idea is excellent and I imagine quite easy to integrate it into an update!

Oui ton idée est excellente et j’imagine assez facile pour l’intégrer dans une mise à jour !

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I did use a mixer into the Aeros, sending two separate signals to left/right input on the Aeros. The two signals still get mixed into one mono mix coming out of left/right outputs from the Aeros. Very disappointing, and makes it impossible to do what I need to do. One of the reasons I bought the whole Beatbuddy, Midi-Maestro, Aeros, Footswitch setup was because the Aeros was advertised as a multi-track, STEREO looper, which at this time, it is not. I understand you are working on implimenting this in the future(?) but right now, as capable as this setup is, I am not very happy to have put out quite a bit of money for a product that does not do everything that was claimed at the time of purchase. I still have a high amount of praise for what this system can currently do, as well as planned future upgrades, but I think you owe it to your current customers to focus on delivering what was already implied…a true STEREO looper! If there is a current work-around for this problem, please let me know!


Not to be contrary, but it is very likely you have a setting still set to mono.

There are two Stereo/mono settings

One is found in the device settings menu, this is called Audio Output, and this only affects the Live signal of the audio passing through the audio and being played back in the chose output(s). This does not affect recorded audio.

Another is found in the Song Settings, this is only settable when a song is created or if it is empty/has been cleared. This affects how the Aeros writes to the Loop Playback signal. This is likely where the setting is on mono, please confirm you have this set to Stereo, if so let me know! Maybe something else is going on.


Thanks Brennan, this appears to work now! I haven’t used (intentionally anyway!) the song saving feature, but I did go in and clear all the songs that had somehow been saved on the Aeros. one of them must have been saved in mono? After clearing all of them from the Aeros, and then making sure that the Song Settings was set to stereo, it now appears to be recording, and playing back in true stereo. I have only had a very brief time to experiment with this, but it appears that both the left and right track cannot start recording at the same time? Is this true, or is there a way to set the Aeros to simultaniously record both left and right tracks at the same time? I have high hopes this can work!!! Thanks for your help

One more question…I know there is a setting that can be made so when you press and hold the Play/Stop All button to get ready to erase all tracks, this setting will prevent the Aeros from playing a short segment of the recorded tracks before erasing. Right now when I press and hold the Play/Stop All button, I get about 1 second of tracks that play before deleting. I found that setting once before, but now I can’t remember what it was, and I really need to prevent this short burst of tracks from coming over the PA system.Thanks again for your help