Panoramic for each tracks

set it to RELEASE. then the aeros will not play back when erasing a song.

Hey why not rub your belly and pat your head while singing the Macarena to make your loops clear… When all of the pedals on your board function on press… when all of the other aspects of the very looping pedal function on press… How in the living hell is it intuitive for that one button to be on release… while I’m in the middle of a show? WTF?!? Separate stop from clear all on the Aeros already.

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hi @lash ,
sorry, it is not my nativ language, so i don ´ t understand your first sentence.
but…, when you set the button to RELEASE it will work like you want it to work.
if you have an intellectually problem with this or can ´ t remember the setting,
then set it to PRESS. i always work with my gear as it is when i have understood why it is as it is.
aeros is no exception. please search for the threads in which this item PRESS/RELEASE was discussed. i hope then you will hopefully understand why it is as it is for now.
best regards

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Owi, i luv ur face. I hope your English picks that up. But, Release function doesn’t work for me when all the buttons on my pedal board are “press” Good luck with your music buddy.

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To clarify, there are no left and right tracks each track in a stereo song is a stereo track and each track in a mono song is a mono track. There currently is no “Dual Mono” where the mono inputs can be routed to only one track. We hope to eventually explore the possibility of this.

There will be updates dealing with this problem soon, first via MIDI and then with a hands-free revamp that is being planned.

Thank you all for the comments, questions, and discussions, but we are well off-topic now, please refrain from posting more off-topic replies on this thread.