Whenever I synchronize my project to the SD Card and then plug it into my BB, it loses my foot switch setup.

How do I synchronize the footswitch setup to BBM so it doesn’t erase it when I synch BBM to the SD Card?

The instructions are to copy the params folder from your SD Card and paste it into the project you are working on. Copy params and paste it right into the project you are working on where you will see the params directory for your project on your Windows computer.

Therefore when you synchronize the project to the SD Card, it will keep the params that you set directly on your BB.


Copy the SD CARD params directory to the project params directory after setting up the BB the way you want.

It must write to the params directory on the SD Card and the BBM does not have a two way synchronization function.


The synchronization function does not work on Macs. You have a Windows PC.

The synchronization is bi-directional.

It doesn’t work. If I make changes on my BB and insert my SD Card into my computer to sync what I’ve been working on in BBM and put the card into the BB, the footswitch settings are defaults as well as other parameters like no outro.

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Since most Windows users have not reported synchronization issues similar to what you’re observing, I would suggest trying to :

  • eliminate the computer where it’s not working and try it on your other computer;
  • use another option and which is the one I recommend for Mac users is to update the SD card BeatBuddy (BB) settings on the pedal; insert the SD card in the computer and copy the PARAMS folder to the desktop; once you’ve used the BBM to synchronize your project to your card, copy the PARAMS folder from your desktop and approve the overwriting of the PARAMS folder.

Please let me know what you find.

@persist let me ask you a question first please. If I make changes on my beatbuddy, let’s say a playlist, how does the beatbuddy manager get updated with those changes?

Using BBM File - Synchronize Project to SD card.

@persist what I noticed is that synchronize project to SD Card is a one way synch from BBM to SD Card. From the dialogue boxes that show up during synchronization, it doesn’t seem to copy from the card to BBM.

All I can tell you is that when I asked this question of Support, their answer was that it was a bi-directional synchronization.

Since I use a Mac and synchronization does not work in the BBM, I have no way of testing other than to say that I have not heard this issue from other users.

Did you test this on your other computer?

Can you ask them again please? Because I’ve seen other posts that says it doesn’t work for Windows 10/11 and I can’t find them.

I guess it really doesn’t matter since they’re not fixing this software, so I’ll just copy the Params folder back to beatbuddy manager