Parsing Errors

I’ve been using Anvil to edit midi files into file that can be used with BeatBuddy and usually I have no problem, However one time in ten I get parsing errors such as these:
1 Parser – Error 262144 – Parsed Midi Does not contain any event
2. Parser-- error 41194304 - Invalid chunk ID found in track, File cannot be Recovered
3. Midi file does not contain any event.
The attached file .MID file has the problem listed above

I can’t see the significant difference between events in files that work in BBM and those that are rejected.
I have tried the exporting a midi-format 0 file from Anvil and occasionally that will solve the problem, but now that I can see “edit” the midi in BBM, I see that it offer adds many. many blank measures or events, making it seem blank when you play it. Outputting it and editing that doesn’t seem to work when using Bass.
I’m using the newest firmware (1.85 if I remember correctly) and BBM (1.6)
Any suggestions?

Many thanks for any help.


I have had same problem when using Cakewalk Sonar to edit midi files and import to BBM… I found that if I cut and paste the edited midi tracks into a new midi file I don’t get the error. This only appears to happen when I edit a downloaded midi file - usually to strip it back to just the drum and bass line… No idea why this happens - maybe some extra header info in the midi file perhaps…

I just ried this and, guess what, it worked! What a great simple solution. Thanks so much!