Part (hardware) details needed

Can someone tell me what switches the BB Footswitch pedal uses? One of them has developed a definite “click” at the end of it’s travel, which could be a precursor to it failing…the right switch button is still smooth to press.

It looks to be a simple solder job, I just need to get the correct part type and number.


Since one already indicates that it could be failing, it might be prudent to replace both at the same time. Unless there’s part #s on the switches in your remote foot switch pedal, I don’t think you’ll be able to get that info from SS.

Since you’ll end up doing the replacement yourself, probably best to buy heavy duty switches that are durable and quiet. Here’s a thread: Latching Versus Momentary Type Foot Switch

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Thanks Persist, now all I need do is find some in Australia hahaha!

Cool, I found the Carling Switches mentioned in that link and have ordered two. I agree, as I am doing it for one, I might as well do both!