Part of the loop is missing

Since this morning, each of my loops has been missing the last quarter before the loop restarts, even though the waveform is clearly visible.
This is the case with ALL loops and songs - both internally and on the SD card.
Any ideas? I hope you can help me…
here you can see/hear the problem

Most likely the time signature, bpm, clock has changed from when you recorded those.

Is there an external midi clock that may have changed?

Hey there, watched the video, thank you for your patience

I do agree with the other user it seems you have a BPM desync,
I do see the Aeros has a device connected to its MIDI input, is the Aeros receiving MIDI clock?

If the Aeros is on version 5.x.x it will show the MIDI desync with the tempo showing in red while it is in a stopped state.

You can read more about desyncs here as found in the Aeros Manual


If the song part is already recorded to, you can create a desync by changing the tempo of the device sending the clock to the Aeros so it is different from the tempo that the Aeros track was recorded to. If the incoming tempo is different than the internal tempo, the Tempo on the Loop Studio Song Dashboard will be red.

Recording while a Tempo mismatch is happening can result in corruption of the Aeros song part and may require you to delete the part to de-corrupt it. Playing a track back at the wrong tempo will also have adverse effects and the loop audio will eventually drop out. Read more about tempo mismatch in the General Tech Information section on pg. X.

Another potential for desync is if the Aeros and the transmitting device are not using the same time signature. Unless matched up well (which is mathematically possible for any two time signatures), this could cause transitions to start misbehaving and causing non-musical behavior. Or maybe you want to explore and make experimental music in polymeters! Try it out!

Let me know if you are still having issues!

Thanks for reporting