Part of the plan Dan Fogelberg

Hi all
Wish I had the skills but I haven’t
Reaching out for ‘Part of the plan’ Dan Fogelberg… beat changes in places
Very grateful if you clever people on here could work it out

I’m not able to find either a free or a commercial MIDI source file for this song. If you can find or have one, please contact me via private message.

Thanks for the quick reply
This is where my lack of knowledge falls flat on its face
I thought you guys created the midi
Sorry for my ignorance
Thank you for your help and support with this

I think Phil Flood and maybe one or two others create a song from scratch and that usually seems to be by exception.

Me, I don’t have the skills (or patience) to create a MIDI song from scratch so I depend on MIDI source files that have been sequenced by others.

I wouldn’t know how to do that
Thanks again for your help

I could make an arrangement of it. It will not be exactly like the record, but you would be able to play the song. I have the sheet music. I just listened to the recording, it does not really change tempo, pretty music a steady 144 throughout. If that would be suitable for you, I’ll give it a shot, only because I really, really liked Dan. I saw him in concert 3 times.

Hi Phil
Thanks for your help
Im no expert and certainly not a drummer as I’ve said before and I love Dan too
But there’s a definite change when he says
'One day we’ll all understand ’ he says it 3 times
The beat changes at The beginning of that line and goes back to the main beat after the 3rd time of saying it on the chord A7
I can get a close beat off the pedal for the main beat… I just hoped someone might be able to link the 2 together
Hope this makes sense
Sorry if it doesn’t

Ok, so here’ the deal. Set a metronome at 144 and listen to the song. Yes, I do do believe there is a variance of tempo. But, I believe it varies between 140 and 144. So, the try the song at 140.

Now, BB does not allow us to varies tempi within a song, except by doing some very weird manipulation, which I don’t want to explain here.

I can do the song at 140, 142 or 144, my way. It may not suit you. There are folks who, for a couple hundred dollars per tune, will produce just what you think you want. If your want them to make a midi, my guess is that Persist would be happy to make an OPB from that finished midi.

From your response, my feeling is that something that does not track the original recording would not suit you. So, please, consider my offer withdrawn.

No problem
Thank you