Parts getting corrupted as I record following parts

I’m just having bug after bug with my aeros lately. Yesterday an entire track I had been working on just dissappears completely, and now that I’m trying to re-create it from scratch I’m noticing that whenever I move from one part to the next, the tracks from the previous part get all jacked up after I’m done recording tracks in the next part. For example, after I’m done recording tracks to one part, when I go back to the previous part’s tracks, those tracks either have random tracks from the next part jammed in there over the original tracks, or the tracks will just have empty holes in the middle of them. It seems like the whole thing is just malfunctioning.

Hi there, you likely are experiencing a bug that is coming from the set up you are using it sounds like you may be seeing a BPM mismatch but we need more information to be sure, please forward this to with all relevant information and they will help you as soon as possible.

Thanks for reporting