Parts of a song not played

I have a strange behavior whose mistakes I don’t find.
I have a song that runs without errors when I send the midi from the computer to the beat buddy. As soon as I have synced the song to the Beatbuddy and play it, parts are not played although they are present on the Midi.

Does anyone have an explanation?

Do you have right drumset chosen, some drumsets contain different instruments. If an instrument is chosen that is not in a drumset, no sound will be heard at the moment that instrumentt is being played.

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Does it play fine using BBManager? What computer software (DAW) are you using to play the MIDI to BB Pedal?

Try posting your song here to see if anyone can help.

@897 I suspect it is what @renevmind said. What song and what drumset are you using? A quick check you can do is right click one of the loops within that song and select ‘edit’. Any red numbers that say “unsupported”? There’s your answer.

Hi there,
I play the songs from my DAW using MidiEditor V 3.3.0. So far there have been no problems. MidiEditor also does everything as it should be, but if I run the song via the BB Manager or on the BB then measures 25-28, 37-44 and so on are missing. The song is not finished!

I uploaded the unfinished song including drumset (with bass).

Here the link:

Thanks for posting the song and kit. As others have suggested, there are quite a few notes unsupported by the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM). You will have to click on the attached image to expand it to it’s full vertical length.

Once you correct those Not Supported notes, you song should play all notes. I’m not sure if the special characters # in the name of the kit will affect your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) files either. But if it works for you, that’s fine.

but why are the notes then reproduced in the MIdiEditor via the BB
if these notes are not available in the drum set?

I don’t understand your question. Are you referring to the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) MIDI Editor or are you referring to an external DAW MidiEditor?

to an external DAW MIdiEditor

In the song i use at measures 25-28 the notes 36, 43, 53.
Tis notes are in the Drumset but they are not played

@897 that 3rd party MIDI editor has the sounds to play those note numbers, but the drumset you have selected within the BBManager does not, according to the screenshot.

@897 I downloaded and checked the drumset now, it does not have those instruments associated with those notes. Double click on the drumset in your BBManager to see that they do not exist there.

that’s how it looks with me

Note 53

Because those notes exist. Those are not the red notes. Try to find 40, 41, 47, 54, and 57.

I dont know what it was but i exported the drumset and imported it again and now it works!

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