Passing on a simple highly useful find....coiled cable fastening trick

Coiling a cable in the wee hours after a gig is not made better by fighting the cable fastener. Like everyone I’ve tried all sorts of cable fastening - velcro mostly. Seem to need 3 hands to coil, hold then untangle the velcro from itself especially if its the kind you can slide the cable through. Even with colored wrap I seem to spread them all over the dark floor during setup and come up short. Planet Waves snap on things need the proper wire diameter to snap onto and when using longer cables a screwdriver to pry the loop off the catch (not a favorite) among others.

I was shown a simple insulation wrapped wire you can cut to needed length and twist. I am fortunate to live near one of the few remaining hardware stores in civilization and after 100 years (really) they thrive on having pretty much everything. If you can’t find this they ship.

From their website…

So is this just like the twist tie on a loaf of bread except heavier duty?

Mechanically yes. Cut it to whatever length you need wrap and twist. The wire diameter and insulation bulk around it are enough that it holds whatever shape you make. I think i comes in colors other than the basic black I use. Maybe just orange. A piece lasts pretty much until you lose it.

I wrap the piece around one end of the cable so when we load out its handy. I use some to bunch cables together on the floor so we don’t trip on them. If I lose one I just cut another. Even heavy scissors will do (but might have to be dedicated to this afterwards) but I carry a wire cutter in case I change strings during a break,

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