Passthrough Muting

Perhaps in the mixer, an option to mute the inputs from passing through (dry signal kill) but they still get printed to the loop.

I play saxophone, synths and drums. Most times, I want my acoustic drum sound to hit the looper without passing through the speaker until I hit play on the loop.

There are workarounds for this, but this could make it simpler and more useful.

Hi, you can disable the Live input signal completely by deselecting bother the Main Out and Aux Out settings on Main Input Signal setting, is this helpful? You would need it to be playing back somewhere else to be heard at first, however.

I’ll ask about the feature! Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I found that in the menu but I need that to be really accessible. I only need it when I’m looping drums. The rest of the time (synths and saxophone), I like it to pass.

Seems like a good use for a midi command to the control these settings. Suspect this is going to be low down relative to other feature requests.

I definitely see the use in it, but it will not be a high priority fix for the time being.

Our biggest thing is screen real estate, and UX overhauls are not easy to implement, for this reason I’ll tag this as under-consideration.

It may be something a MIDI command can do as well! We just want to make sure Aeros has a way of showing this change too

I’m happy with any way to do it. Midi command would be excellent.