Patch or Pattern Volume level

I have a question regarding the volume of each ´pattern ´ I use the Alesis SR18 at the moment ( hoping the BB will rid me of that unit ! ), and all the patterns have very different volumes, that means every time I change to a new pattern I automatically have to change the volume on my mixer ( Bose L1 II Tonematch )channel, or, the SR18 itself to get the drum sound sitting correctly in the mix. Can anyone who has used this live tell me if the sound volume of each pattern or each patch is uniform - that is, they all play at the same volume over a pa.?

All the patterns’ volume is pretty close. BeatBuddy has a Master Volume setting that will help you adjust the overall volume level, but as far as my personal testing goes, I’ve never ran into an issue where there was an audible volume level between two (or more) BeatBuddy songs (what you are used to refer as “pattern” is called a BeatBuddy song).

Anyways, sometimes shit happens, so if you possibly notice such a volume issue (or anything else) - please report it at Bug Forum here for it to be fixed as soon as possible!

I have run into this issue with songs imported from this forum. Wish there was an easy way to adjust so that all songs are the same volume

I don’t know how this would be possible, having an overall kit volume may work, however the issue is the velocity of the midi notes. You could edit them or a simpler solution would be to create a copy of the Drumset and edit the overall volume of the instruments to a more desired volume or just the edit the velocity layers.

I’ve found a few that seemed too loud. Built a Std drum set with all drums lowered -5 db. Call it STD lo vol and it works great for those few hi vol songs. I only found two out of a hundred that had this hi vol issue.