Pattern Editor in the Manager


well I commented about this in another thread, so I will add it here as a feature request

Can you please add a pattern editor to the manager, to allow users to make their own patterns and download them direct to the pedal.


Seconded… I thought we would be able to create new patterns with this software. It doesn’t appear so.




As I have also posted elsewhere, although this may be useful for small edits (change open hi hats for closed) I can’t imagine how this would give you a realistic drum beat used from scratch. The BB beats are unquantised, I assume the midi pattern editor would need to be in a grid layout as with a step sequencer or “piano roll” and have the ability to record, otherwise any beats created will sound like a drum machine rather than a drummer.

Let’s be realistic - although this may be useful; taking into account how long it has already taken to get this far with currently no mac version, how long do you think it will take to release any new features? I don’t see this happening for a long time, better use an external app to create/edit the patterns and “reimport” rather than waiting. Unfortunately Mac users don’t have a choice, but to wait.

taking into account all the delays we have already had.


This is a feature request thread…its a feature I’d like to see, so not sure why you would try to put it down.

And its really not hard, I have simple pattern editors on my Zoom R24’s drum system and my Adrenalinn III, creating simple patterns is actually nothing more than entering ticks on a grid.


Psalm40 is definitely correct about quantization and stuff. All BeatBuddy beats are not quantized. As soon as you try to edit them (via any known editor to me), they will get quantized. Despite that, I personally prefer quantized beats by far. They sound awesome, and they are much more useful when you’re at home learning stuff. Visual bar indicator on the BeatBuddy helps a lot.

I think BeatBuddy has a very good potential for improvements. I personally would prefer having a pattern editor right in the hardware BeatBuddy. I have an implementation concept in mind and I hope it will be approved by David.


yes a little more control on the pedal itself would be great, there are sometimes situations when you can’t get to your PC to make changes so some editing on the pedal itself is useful,
Though on pedals/devices I have where you edit on them, it is normally a bit of a chore, I’d rather have the chore than no ability.


Yeah, I think simple task should be able to get done simply (like in Perl programming language).

Like if you want to adjust the volume of some notes inside a drum pattern, you shouldn’t be needing to connect to your computer, download SD content, use manager software to edit, upload content to SD… That’s definitely something that should be done with several BeatBuddy knob clicks and twists.


How big is the current firmware, and how much RAM does it have (RO and RW)?


I would love to know this myself, but I have no such information.

I can only speculate with probably the only confirmed figure - 100Mb max for a loaded drum set. Add some more to actually holding MIDI files, program stack etc, - we’re probably looking into most likely 100-120Mb of RAM (probably 128?)

Firmware size is insignificant (like 840Kb), the size of the framework is unknown to me.


would seem logical, but hoping we can get an answer from the tech people?

8MB though is plenty of space for a decent interface and editor.
I’ve written games on GameBoy’s with similar sized screens and far less memory, so there’s a lot of possibilities for an on pedal gui.