Pause button.

Hi. After using the BB with the band for a few weeks, I have a request. When using the pause button on the switchbox, the beat just stop, and start. In real life, a pause usually starts with a crash cymbal and a bass drum, and the same when the beat starts again. Would it be possible for the switch to pause the beat, and trigger a crash cymbal/bassdrum one shot at the same time?

Assign an Accent Hit to the other footswitch pedal (default setting) and press both footswitch buttons at the same time.
Problem solved! :slight_smile:

I would program the pause to be part of the song, that way you can incorporate accent hits and what not during the transitions.

I often press the pause after a fill, you can also press the BB to come out of the pause using a fill, but that takes a bit of practise to get the timing right.
You could also edit the accent hit in a WAV editor and also load in a bass drum sample as well.

Hi just wondering in your next update if could it be possible with the external pedal if you could have a choice between pause and complete stop that way you could set the main pedal to press start because of that slight delay with release star and keep your accent hits when the pedal is playing an stopped if you want to keep your accent hits you have to bend down and change songs on the main pedal i know you can set one switch on the external pedal to pause and then set the orther to outro for to kill it complete but you lose your accent hit so it would be handy if you have a choice for pause or complete stop on the external peda.

I too would like to be able to assign the stop fuction to the external pedal as do a number of users, below is a similar request.