Pause control for BB songs

I think I know the answer to this one before I ask, but…

At the mo I have the song start/transition/fill set to the footswtich pedal and the other switch handles outtros. Is there any way I can somehow set something to control pausing songs and not have to alter the footswitch?

I guess I am looking for MO’s here guys - is there some tricky way of accomplishing this?


Not sure I understand what you’re asking, but I use the pedal for start/fill/transitions, and double-tap it for outros. I use the outboard pedal for pause/resume and accent (when a song is running) and song up/down when tghere is nothing playing.


I have the pedal itself at eye level on a stand. I pretty much do not touch it at all as I use the footswitch. However I have come across a couple of songs where I need to pause but I can find no way of getting this done using the footswitch without having to lose the current functionality. I thought there may have been a way, for example by pressing both switches at the same time, of doing this.

I have no space under the keyboard to fit the BB in and double taps are a bit difficult when trying to use sustain pedals and harmony pedals all at the same time haha!