Pause pedal doesn't work with user songs

I am a new user but omg …this is a very cool device. I’ve loaded a couple of users songs via BB Manager and then saved them to my SD card. When I play the new songs on my BeatBuddy pedal two issues happen.

  1. If I hit the pause via my Boss 6U pedal, the song pauses correctly however if I hit the pause again the song doesn’t restart (the preset drums/songs work perfectly.
  2. I then need to back out of the user song, then go to a preset and then exit that and go back to the user song before I can play the user song again. Seems weird.

Do you have firmware 2.0.4 installed on your pedal and did you use the pedal detection followed by the setup of the first and second switches?

Thanks persist. I just upgraded the firmware to 2.0.4 “RC4”. I then setup the switches. Looks like that didn’t change the issues. Perhaps I’ve done something wrong in the BB Manager?

I think the issue is somewhere between your BB pedal and your foot switch. If you’re using a TRS cable to connect the Boss to your BB, it should work correctly.

Here’s an example of how I use my remote foot switch:

Hum. The foot switch works correctly with the already installed songs. I’ve loaded two user songs “horse with no name” and “peaceful easy feeling” via the BB Manager…to the SD card. Is there perhaps a setting in the BB manager that influences the start /stop function?

There’s no setting in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) that influences the pause/unpause function.

Could be how the BeatBuddy is reading files then (how files are read on the card?). Sorry don’t know too much about that but I’ll try and investigate more and if I find a solution I’ll post it. Thanks persist.

Although I don’t use a Boss remote foot switch, I just tested my pedal with those songs and it pauses/unpauses. I’m not sure what’s going on with the Boss 6U and the BB.

Sorry I couldn’t be of greater help.

I was thinking it might be a latching/Unlatching issue on the Boss pedal. If your pedal has to option to be set a either a latching or unlatching pedal, try the other setting.

OK thanks for you help persist. I’ll see if I can find a fix. I am thinking it might be related to the BBmanager file system and how I put that on the SD card.

The other thing I didn’t mention is in both the Horse and Peaceful songs, when I first hit the main pedal they play the intro fill continuously. Then if I push the Boss foot pedal the song will stop. Push it again the green screen says it’s playing and shows the beat vertical lines but no sound???

I just tried another SD card. This might be the answer. As I am exporting to the new card a pop up says something about the pedal not working properly “if I”…Sorry guys this might be my not understanding the interface. I going to look into some of the tutorials on the subject and I’ll post what I’ve been doing wrong.

A couple of thoughts:
[]as Phil Flood suggested, make sure both of your Boss switches are set to momentary
]if you aren’t using your computer’s SD slot reader, try that instead of the USB cable method

[]save your project in the BBM and then from the BBM > File > Export > Project to SD card
]when prompted to Synchronize, do so
[*]double-check your BB pedal foot switch settings, especially after changing SD cards

I am finding the whole “project” idea is confusing. All I want to do is save a song I’ve downloaded from the forum that was created by a user …to my pedal. Do you create a new project with every user song you bring to the Beat Buddy?

The “project explorer” has a file tree that starts with Blues, then Brazilian, then Brushes Beats etc. But you can’t add a sub folder so when I imported the Horse with No Name user file, I put it under the “Pop” category. The file now shows up there after the last Pop preset…Pop 12-8ths

The Horse with No Name plays initially but the screen on the BeatBuddy is red saying it is playing the “Intro”. It doesn’t get past the intro screen yet continues to play the whole file. Then if I use the pedal to “Pause” the song, it pauses OK. But the if I hit the pedal again to restart the song, the green screen says the it is playing but there is no sound, sometime even the vertical beat bars aren’t scrolling.

Sorry if this sounds confusing, but it is confusing!

I tried all of your steps listed above persist but still it isn’t working like the preset do.

Actually the pedal does seem to work for user files. Just not the same as the presets. So I’m good. Being able to find the “1” and start it from the foot switch is the greatest value of the BeatBuddy. And that works.

Sorry if I’ve confused you with the point about saving your project. Some takeaways that might (or not o_O) help you:
[]make sure you’re using the latest version of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and that you’ve set the workspace location from the BBM menu Tools > Set Workspace Location (navigate to your workspace folder which should be within your user documents)
]you don’t have to create a new project for every song; in fact, it might be easier that you not do so while you’re first starting out with the BB
[]this part might be confusing so bear with me: you might want to preserve the default project with all of the default folders (genres) and beats so you have something to fall back on in case things really go bad. To do so, use the BBM > Save Project As and give it a new name—your default project will close and will be available if you ever need the original content) and your new project is now open and available for you to learn and experiment with
]the first time you want this newly named project on your SD card, use the BBM > File > Export > Project to SD card and accept the prompt to Synchronize
[]you should be able to create a new folder using the BBM > Songs > New Folder per the screen shots
[]you can rename the New Folder as long as you don’t use special characters in the name
]you can drag (move) songs from one folder to another and move folders around within your project
[*]don’t know what’s happening with the Boss FS 6U not resuming play of your song after a pause; I’ll see if I can replicate the issue on my end. When things like this happen, it’s usually because something simple has been overlooked. If the Boss works with the default (multi-part) songs but not the user-created drums one-press (DOP) or one-press bass (OPB) songs, it could be that the patch cable is not TRS (stereo) or not fully seated at both ends, the configuration of the firmware or Boss settings
At first, the BB system is confusing but as you learn, it will become easier to use and you will know how to get around some of the system quirks, bugs and foibles. I’ve also started a conversation with you.

Okay. I’m able to replicate the problem and will try to provide a solution either today or tomorrow.

Appears to be a bug in the firmware which I’ve identified to Support. In short, the symptom appears in DOP, OPB, OPBk songs because the meat and potatoes of the song is placed in the Intro or Outro sections of the song. If the meat and potatoes portion is moved from the Intro or Outro to the Main Drum Loop section of the song, the pause/unpause works as expected.

To avoid having to back out of the song, press the 2d foot switch (right) and the song will stop and you can resume playing the song (from the beginning) or move to another song. It seems that pressing the pause/unpause leaves the pedal in a kind of limbo state.

I’m testing with firmware 1.8.5 to see if the symptoms you report appear in that version as well and will update this thread with my finding.

Thanks persist. Really appreciate your help. I’ve created a “user songs” folder as you suggested above (didn’t notice that way of doing it until you showed in your post above). Here are the steps numbered chronologically of steps. So it works kind of but not like the presets. The biggest issue is that the song does not restart from the Step 3 pause mode. This feature is what I value the BB most for in practicing songs. Hopefully this helps bringing clarity to the issue.[ATTACH=full]9662[/ATTACH]

By the way I loaded another user song and the exact same issues occur.

I moved the “Drum Fill” to the “Main Drum Loop” in the user songs in the BB Manager and now the pedal pauses and restarts! Thanks again persist.