Pause song, end song, and move to the next song?

Sorry if this subject was covered, but I wasn’t able to find it anywhere. In the manual it states:

“Main Pedal > Main Pedal Unpause > Hold
While paused and the main pedal is held down, you have the option to stop the song (useful if you want to end the song immediately by pausing it and don’t want to have to restart the song to stop it), or initiate the transition into the next song part.”

This sounds lovely, but unfortunately, it doesn’t do that. Whenever I pause the track with the right button on the foot switch, it does indeed pause…but when I click to hold the main pedal foot switch (to stop the song), it just starts playing again.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for the advice and help. :slight_smile:

here are a list of changes for the lastest firmware 1.8.5
have a read
maybe when paused—double click the pedal for the outro part ?