Pause / Then restart where left off?

How do you set it to do this?

It used to be “Pause” and then restart right where it left off.

Now after updating the BB, it restarts at the beginning of Beat 1.

I don’t think you can - as to help you stay in time it goes back to the first measure.
Unless you are talking about the setting in the BB for midi sync - again not much info in the question, so I am now only guessing.

NO not with midi sync. I could have sworn that’s how it was before I reset it and I had seen it in a video. Perhaps not.

One workaround you can do is enable ‘mute pause’ (Settings Menu > Main Pedal > Mute Pause > Enable). While this will not do exactly what you are trying to achieve, you can just take notice what beat you are on, and hit the pause button again to start the song right where you left off (but not the main pedal, that will initiate a fill).