Pausing the Beat Buddy and stopping the count

Is there are way to pause the Beat Buddy and also stop the count? Sometimes I want to hold the pause and come back in at an out of beat place, I want the count to start from the beginning of the Part when I unpause.


If you pause it’ll come back in when you unpause, whenever that is.

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Hey there,

the full answer to this is that there are two states for pausing:

  1. normal pause
  2. mute pause

When set to mute pause, the BeatBuddy does not stop counting in the background and will continue playback from the same place it would be if never unpaused. This is very useful to pause the BeatBuddy and not stop the clock, which allows a listening device (like the Aeros Loop Studio) to continue following the clock and playing back in time. Not doing so while the Aeros is still listening to the clock could cause a desync if it doesn’t stop playback.

Normal Pause stops the playback and starts the playback from the beginning of the main beat when unpaused, making it possible to quickly stop and start with one tap.

Use the main pedal, a connected footswitch (like the Footswitch+), and/or MIDI to play a fill, transition, and more when unpausing to get even more out of your BeatBuddy experience

Let me know if this is helpful,

Thanks for the question!