Pay for Creating Songs

Hi … new to the forum. Just picked up a beat buddy a few weeks ago and currently working on a 2 man band. I see there are some very generous folks on the forum that share their content but I was wondering if anyone knows of anyone that would be willing to create songs by requests and be paid for their time. I know there is the song matching tool which is of help. I’m not sure how much effort goes into any one song file but it would take me an eternity so I’m out.

Any help is appreciated.

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Private message sent. Check your forum inbox.

PM Sent.

I may be able to help there are a lot of songs on here already but i do know how to edit the key as well. i have created some from scratch as well when i couldnt find a midi file to use or if i wanted to give it my own flavor

I’ll just reply here: What are you looking for?

Hi Aaron … thanks for reaching out. Did get with someone on my request already. Thank you!!

Thank you Joel. I am working with Phil on these requests now but I’ll keep you in mind for future work.