payment troubles in premium library

I still have problems with the payment process in the premium library. Paying via PayPal does not work for me anymore since the end of October 2017. And now I can’t even pay by CreditCard, since the checkout page does not provide the credit card option. So actually, I can’t buy anything from the library. :frowning:

Finally I was able to pay by PayPal. To be honest, my wife did it. :wink:
The difference between her payment and mine was, that she checked the terms and conditions again after returning from the PayPal page to the cart, where I thougt that my payment didn’t succeed. This behaviour is a little bit confusing in my eyes. I would expect, that checking the terms & condition and proceeding to PayPal would immediately start the download after successfull PayPal validation. But for the next time I’ll be aware of this behaviour.

BTW: CreditCard payment is still not available.

I had the same problem, and finally I was able to pay by Paypal with writing my name on the page My Account and of course checking the terms