PC Based MIDI Programming Interfaces for Midi Maestro

Team -

I am new to MIDI Programming, so pardon my ignorance, but is there a way to program the MIDI Maestro other than the iPhone and Android interfaces provided.

I use a Windows PC and would like to find a programming interface that works well.

If it’s possible, and anyone knows of a good programming interface, please let me know.

Thank you in advance.

Hello there,

We do not offer the app other than for iPhone or Android

Thanks for the question!

Does that mean that there is no way to program the Midi Maestro outside of using the iPhone or Android apps?

In other words - no third-party applications that I can use.

How would you connect a PC to it as there is no USB port and Bluetooth isn’t typically used for a PC to music device data connection, thus only the iPhone or Android apps.

Not an expert on MIDI - truly a beginner - but I would think that the MIDI ports on the back could serve as a connection to the PC.

The question remains - Is there a third-party interface (which runs on a PC) that can be used to program the Midi Maestro?

There are downloadable emulators for Android that run on Desktops. They are often used as development tools.

Perhaps you can run the app inside the emulator on your PC? Not for the timid.

I don’t believe the MIDI ports on the Maestro have the capability to do programming through them, which may rely on the functions noted in this post excerpt below. For a third party to develop an interface they would need the coding for the Maestro or reverse engineer what’s in it, which likely won’t happen.

I’m not a fan of iPhone or Android apps and prefer a PC with a mouse and keyboard, but I do have a cheap Android tablet for the things that aren’t available for a PC and I need to be able to use. If I needed something like the Maestro I’d likely look for an alternative device that was PC capable just to avoid Smart device apps.

android emulators are finicky about wifi and bluetooth. milage may vary. it worked for me on flex os then there was no access to play store…

Thank you