Pedal board power supply

Hello -
As a synth/keyboard player, this looper with the BB is absolutely fabulous. Cudos to the team for adding features on each firmware upgrade.

Quick question, is there a pedalboard power supply that would work for both the Beatbuddy and Aeros . I am trying to eliminate the wall warts if possible.


Hey there, as long as it is 9v center negative anything should work, each pedal needs about 400mA. More than 9v can damage the units and will make warranty non-applicable.

Ok, so I need to find a power supply with at least (2) 400ma connections.


Correct, but a little extra headroom on the power supply mA is usually better, maybe at least 900-1000mA in total for both pedals

I own both pedals and I power everything from a Ciocks 7, in addition to the HX stomp (but that’s mainly for guitar players). Works great for me.

Would definitely make sure the devices are on “isolated” power sockets. Not all power supplies truly do that.

Heard good things about the TrueTone CS6/7/12, the Cioks, and the Strymon power supplies. Also the (unreleased) Voodoo Labs Power 3 series looks very interesting.

. I have a Trutone CS7 but ran out of 500ma. Thanks for the info

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The true tone is different, if I remember correctly…just make sure your total watts doesn’t exceed the maximum rating of the power supply—don’t get too balled up on the rating per connection. Disclaimer - there are some videos on their site that detail the information—don’t go by me. I have a CS7 and have used it for 3+ years 500-ish gigs…wonderbar.

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+1 for the CS7. And as stated above, as long as you don’t exceed max rating, you can put about anything anywhere.

Outputs 6 and 7 on mine went out on me and Trutone sent me another very quickly.

I had to use my old non isolated one while I waited and the NOISE about drove me nuts! Truetones are dead silent.

I drive the Aeros, BB, a headphone amp, and a synth pedal with no issues.

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From what I can tell, the answer for TruTone is:

  1. You can’t pull more amps out of all the plugs than the total amps for the device. Add them up and don’t exceed the device limit.
  2. The limits per socket listed are conservative, and there is some (unstated) limit per plug. So you can pull 800+mA from a socket but maybe not 1200mA. It’s not clear how much is too much and if that’s an immediate issue or a durability/risk issue. Still need to observe #1

Thanks everyone who chimed in on the pedalboard power supply. It looks like Voodoo Labs Power 3 might be worth the wait.

The CS7 should do those 2 pedals easy. As mentioned earlier, as long as you don’t exceed the max rating you should be good with ny of the 9v outlets. I run mine with a CS12 but I have a Line6 HX Stomp and BOSS EQ powered on the board as well. All run sweetly.

I first tried the TruTone 1Spot. It supplied the proper amount of power but I got a lot of noise when the BeatBuddy and Aeros were connected to the same power source. My solution was to purchase Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 4. Each of the power plugs are isolated so it eliminated the noise. It is tiny and takes up very little space on my pedal board. It is also very reasonably priced. It solved all of my problems.

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Thinking of getting this

So I am independent of power at a venue.

Has 2A and I have an Aeros, BB (and Zoom ms-50g but I run that on AA batteries) which totals about 800mA

Only needs to last couple of hours so thats not a problem

Has 2 1A outputs. So wondering whether anyone has experience with how noisy it might be? I run a zoom ms50g running a low gain Fender amp sim into the Aeros on batteries, and dont care if its a bit noisy but dont want loads of it

Anybody got any experience with battery powered supplies with BB n Aeros?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Has anyone tried the Cioks with the Aeros/MM? Mine has 2 350mA 9v taps.
Thanks in advance

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Imagine, do you use the standard “black’ cables from the DC7, or the yellow? Thanks!