Pedal board setup help

Hi Guys
Totally new to the scene and having acquired a beat buddy some time back I have just taken the plunge and ordered an aeros loop studio
I also own a boss ve-8 acoustic singer pedal which I quite like
As I said new to the scene, I was wondering what would be the best way to set up these pedals together on a pedal board? i.e. what order to connect them in and maybe the best output options
I have the dual foot switch and an Allen and Heath mixer if that’s any help
Plus a Fishman loud box artist acoustic amp and a couple of small monitors(Presonis Eris E5)
I’m just a bedroom player as I’m still at the learning stage
Thanks in advance for any input guys

I’m using a guitar amp modeler into the Aeros/Beatbuddy as a portable songwriting rig. So I have modeler into the Aeros, Aeros output into the Beat Buddy input and BeatBuddy output into monitors.
That way I can use the Beatbuddy headphone output when I want to be silent to others in the house. I don’t record the drums to Aeros so no need for Beatbuddy to go before the looper.

What would you like to loop? I can’t tell from the info on-line if the vocal and guitar outputs can be split from the Boss unit. Plus, I see that the Boss has a looper, too. I would probably not use that feature along with the Aeros. Assuming I just want guitar to loop and not vocals, I’d have the BB outputs go directly into the mixer, and have the Boss run into the Aeros. I’d have the BB midi connected to the Aeros to have it in sync with your beat. The Boss has no midi control. If you can’t separate the vocals from the guitar coming out of the Boss, I guess you would need to be very careful with your vocals.

Thanks for the replies guys
I’m not intending to use the looper on the Boss ve-8 when the aeros turns up with the intension of using guitar loops only and not vocal loops
The boss ve-8 can run separate channels out so your setup Phil_Flood might be the best way, I’ll give it a try and let you know how I get on
I’m guessing I would have my guitar and Mic running into the boss ve-8, from there to the aeros for the guitar then to my amp, then my mic running direct from the Boss ve-8 to the monitors, or should I run them to the mixer first?
As said before, a real newbie to this and really appreciating the help.
Which do you reckon would be best Guys?

I am not sure where to post this question so please forgive me. I have an aeros and the beat buddy. I want to use both on a pedal board that will go to my Quilter Micro Pro 20 amp with has an effects loop and two channels. I want to run the looper and beat buddy and guitar into one channel on the amp and a microphone for singing into the second channel. I have a midi cable to connect the beat buddy and the aeros. My question is what is the best way to hook this up? I have watched the videos and most call for going into a mixer which I prefer not to add more equipment. I play small venues and sometimes outside so minimal is best. Please advise. Thanks.

Jim L.

I tend to run beat buddy to a seperate channel either on the amp but usually via the mixer/pa

Vocals to another input on mixer

And guitar to amp or mixer or both

I like to keep them seperate. I found early on if the beatbuddy was run mixed in with the guitar and looper to a single channel it was too easy to not hear it clearly

By keeping the beat and guitar seperate you and the sound guy can adjust the mix to front of house and your foldback so you can hear the beat clearly and not have it all jumbled together

So on the pedal board you have the beat buddy and aeros midi synced obviously
Then I have a seperate lead from the beatbuddy to the mixer
My guitar runs through the various pedals to the aeros looper.
The output from the looper goes to the mixer/amp or amp setup seperate from beatbuddy and vocal

I am also brand new to setting up a pedal board. I have the BB and Aeros (on order) and I run my vocals and acoustic guitar through TC Helicon’s Play Acoustic. I’m trying to figure out the signal chain with a priority on simplicity. The goal is to send a single mixed channel directly to a stage monitor or PA board. I’m thinking:

Play Acoustic → Aeros (Looping guitar and BB but not vocals <–> Midi Sync BB/Aeros) → BB → Monitor/PA

So the output of the Aeros goes into the BB inputs and is passed through without signal modification to the BB outputs. Does this make sense? I’m a little confused about the signal handling between the Aeros and the BB but I assume the Midi connection sorts things out.

Follow up thought…would it be cleaner to run the vocal channel from my Play Acoustic directly into one of the BB’s inputs and the looper output into the other input?

I have a TC Perform VG, so similar setup.

  1. Why are you looping the BB? It’ll keep playing without being in a loop.
  2. Don’t sweat being in only 1 PA channel. Use 2.

Audio chain:
Guitar and mic > Play acoustic> Aeros>BB (L&R) > Board

Midi chain:

Looping the BB because I hadn’t thought it through correctly. Of course I don’t need to loop the BB. Thanks!