Pedal board supplies

I’ve just bought a Donner pedal board and associated Donner DP2 power supply. It has 8 isolated 9v DC outlets; 6 at 100mA and 2 at 500mA. If I run the BeatBuddy on its own from 1 of the 500mA outlets, all is fine. If I add any other pedal, even just a TC tuner, from any of the 100mA outlets, I get a horrible fast pulsing noise noise, rather like a helicopter but much faster.It’s only when the BeatBuddy is included. I can run other pedals from the supply together , including a multi-effect pedal from the other 500mA outlet, and all is fine. It only occurs as soon as I add the BeatBuddy to any other pedal or pedals.
Anyone had anything similar? Any ideas on how to cure it? Thanks

I haven’t used the BB in that way for now. But you only need to search for “BB noise” (+ “buzz” if you will) on this wonderful forum and you will find that there are a lot of power supplies the BB won’t get friend with. Use its own or some of the approved ones mentioned on the forum.

BB wants it’s own, isolated power. If you try to daisy chain it you’re pushing it.

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I use a CIOKS 7.

Other than driving my BeatBuddy it’s also driving:

  • Waldorf Blofeld synth
  • TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme vocal processor/looper/guitar multi-effects
  • Strymon Mobius modulation pedal
  • 10 point Ethernet switch
  • BomeBox (microcontroller - midi translation superpower)
  • Behringer HA400 4-port headphone amplifier

In other words, this supply is driving lots of heavy power consuming devices, especially the TC VoiceLive, which requires two ports on the CIOKS and a Y cable.

I experience no noise whatsoever.

Don’t play around with power for your gear. It’s a minefield. Buy only the best power supply you can find.

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I’m working with theGigRig power supply and their separate “isolated” modules. many effects, including the BB without any problems. You might have an “AUDIO signal” ground loop between the BB and the other effects. where the BB clock is leaking through to the audio signals or vice versa.
Perhaps try using an “AUDIO” Isolation transformer to isolate the BB audio outs I am currently using one made by Jensen “Iso max” - but any suitable one might do the trick. I had to use the transformer to iso my circuit I have two drum machines and a EQ along with the BB going to one channel and the guitar and effects going to another channel for a dual mono configuration.
It is also possible that the 100 mA circuits are isolated , but possible the 500mA ones are not totally isolated or all the grounds are connected .
hope this solves the problem