Pedal Board

Hi I have not purchased BeatBuddy yet but intend to in conjunction with the Pigtroinx infinity looper.
Below are the specs for a pedal board i was looking to purchase and I wanted to ensure it met the power requirements of the BeatBuddy.
Thanks in advance for insight and or other recommendation if necessary


SKB SKB-PS-8 Pedalboard Features:
[]Injection molded from eco-friendly rubber modified styrene in the United States for strength and durability
]Powers up to 8 pedals
[]Heavy-duty 19" x 12" hook and loop mounting surface
]36" x 2: hook side for your pedals for secure, repositionable mounting to the pedalboard surface
[]Fully integrated nine volt DC 500mA power source for up to eight pedals
]8- 3.5mm miniplug to 2.1mm x 5mm DC connector (for center negative pedals)
[]1- 3.5mm miniplug to 3.5 miniplug (for center positive pedals)
]1- 3.6mm miniplug to 9 volt battery clip (for vintage pedals without an external power connector
[*]Ballistic nylon gigbag with adjustable shoulder strap and exterior pocket for cables and accessories

From the description of the power source, it seems that it would work however, if it’s a daisy chained power cable (a single strand with 8 connectors), it may cause problems. If the power source is a brick with 8 individual power cables, it should work. As many users have reported, a daisy chain power source may cause noise and interference. While it may work and sound friendly powering the other pedals, you really should use the BeatBuddy power adaptor for the BB as it will not introduce unwanted noise.

persist, thank you, just trying to minimize plugs cables etc, but obviously want it to work the best that it can !

Hi Danny - I’ve used this type of pedal board with BB mounted on it for more than 2 years with no issues. We play about 2 dozen gigs year. I ‘think’ I found occasional inductive noise which can be modified eliminated by rotating the barrel of the power plug in the BB but that is far from scientific since there are many noise generators on the board and I can’t isolate it via the mixer channel plus it hasn’t remotely been a deal breaker. Once we get rolling there is plenty of noise being made.

Thanks Cygnus49 ! Good to know, I’m going to be running this through a Behringer PA-500 BT PA. Imm playing solo at this time, just getting back into playing after a few years hiatus, long time guitar player for 35 years. Wish I had all this stuff back when i was playing with my band in the bars all those years ago :slight_smile:

I believe the Pigtronix requires an 18v power supply. You may want to check on that.

Phil, thanks for pointing that out, you are correct. hoping to find a board that i can have the BB, Pigtronix, and also a TC Helicon Voicetone Harmony G -XT.

You might be better off buying a plain pedal board like a Pedaltrain and then a dedicated power supply (Voodoo Labs, etc) that can give you a 500ma output for the BB and the necessary power you need for the other stuff…

I like the Holeyboards, and then just add power supplies as needed, hiding them under the raised shelf on the board. When it’s all done, it may not look like the cleanest installation, but it does provide access to all of the pedals and allows for organizing the cables with wire ties. I have18v, 12v and 9v pedals on my board, so I need something with that flexibility.

Phil , johngale thanks for the responses. I don’t have a lot of floor space room in my home studio so I’m thinking of going with the
[SIZE=4]MXR M238 Iso-Brick Power Supply and something like the pedal train. The BB needs 9v, [/SIZE]Infinity[SIZE=4] needs 18v and TC Helicon needs 12v hoping that does [/SIZE]the[SIZE=4] [/SIZE]trick[SIZE=4], thanks again for the feedback / [/SIZE]suggestions[SIZE=4] !!


I know this is. zombie thread, but until recently I did not have enough pedals to worry about it. I finally got a decent pedal board and a power supply. The problem is the power supply I got only has 6-100ma and 2-250ma 9v, while most of my pedals say 300-500ma. Would I be better off just attaching the individual power supplies that came with the pedals under the board and plugging them into a power strip, or should I buy a larger all-in-one power supply? I don’t want to generate a lot of AC hum.


A multi-power supply that could handle that amperage is going to be quite expensive, if you can find one. It probably would have excellent hum reduction, though. I recommend you try the stock power supply into a good AC multi-tap power supply. Furman makes a good one. I’m sure there are others that perform well, too.

Thanks. Phil

Late to the party…I use this power supply and a pedaltrain board:–truetone-1-spot-pro-cs7-with-7-isolated-outputs

I have been using it for quite a while (150+ gigs per year), it works great…actually can output more per output as long as you don’t exceed the total output amperage.
Powers: Boss octave pedal, Boomerang looper, Singular beatbuddy, Wampler ethereal delay/reverb and EHX key 9 with no issue whatsoever.

I’ve found over the last two years or so using Beat Buddy and moving things on and off the board (guitar and vocal effects boxes from TC Helicon for instance) that simply (and cheaply) attaching a power strip to the board rather than using the multi power supply brick using a single outlet for each wall wart/plug also cured the Beat Buddy buzz. I do feed everything from a line conditioner though - venues often have questionable power supply.

I have a Beat Buddy and iRig Pro Duo and various other pedals on my floor board. Never use daisy chain power, it will only add noise to your signal chain - especially if they draw a lot of current. The 1Spot C7 mentioned above is certainly a good power source. I use Ojai Strymon ( because of the size and doesn’t cause any noise.

Thanks for the heads up on that. I was not aware of anyone making a 500ma high quality power supply. There may be one or two of these in my future.

Hi…I recently redid my board with Planet Waves solder less cables and have been very happy with the results. So far I haven’t had one cable fail on me and my board travels and is somewhat abused.

pcb fabrication and assembly

I am redoing my pedal board and am trying to minimize the cables. I have been using a voodoo power supply for all my other pedals, but somehow it will not power my BB. when I look at the adaptor that came with the BB (which works) it seems that the barrel of the end is somewhat shorter than the barrels on the cables that came with my Voodoo. When I try to use the Voodoo with the BB it monentarily lights up BB screen and then goes black. Operation is normal with BB supplied adaptor. What am I missing? (p.s. I have used BB with pigtronix infinity looper for years and it is fabulous!)

Quite a bit has been said about this issue and you can probably find the threads by searching. There is also a diagram with the jack dimensions that Brennan shared.

I plug the BeatBuddy (BB) PSU into the convenience outlet of my power brick and it works like a charm.