Pedal chain to a mixing board

Hi all,

So I have had my BB for a couple of years but not used it much until now. I have a tuner, distortion pedal, a tremolo pedal and then the BB. I use the 2 1/4" out to a vocal channel on an 8 channel mixer. Why am I not getting signals in the mix from my pedals??? The BB works perfectly. I assume I have the appropriate chain configuration (I know assumptions).

Thanks for help


  • You have the tuner on (monitoring the guitar).
  • You have a balanced cable on an unbalanced input to the BB.

If you have a mixer, why do you have everything chaired into your BeatBuddy? Unplug your guitar stuff from your BB, and plug it into its own channel in the mixer. Then plug your BeatBuddy into its own channel in the mixer. I know you can plug guitar stuff into the BeatBuddy, but it’s just better if you don’t.


Totally agree. I’d rather control pedal levels separate from the BB, which, technically, qualifies as a separate instrument.

Heck, I even have my looper on its own channel, unless I’m actually creating a loop on the fly. I have trouble enough with even having the looper at the end of the pedal chain. The guitar intermittently cuts out, or loses/gains volume, and all pedals (except the Tube Screamer) are the same brand (rhymes with schmoss) :wink:

Great, thank you all!


I just finished testing my BB with guitar directly in the MONO jack, heard the guitar very faintly, even with volume knob up full.

Ran the pedal chain into the BB, sam results. Heard very faintly, even after pulling one pedal at a time out of the chain.

All, thank you for your quick response. First rule of troubleshooting is “What did you do last” which in my case was update the firmware. Don’t know if this is a common issue with the upgrade. Either way, I was able to accomplish what I needed to do and now will figure out what the root issues are.

You’re all just the best!