Pedal defeat.

It would be a good feature to have the fill pedal override the pause button so you could come back in of a fill instead of just start.

Most the time this is accomplished by pressing and holding the main pedal down to reset it to start which would come in on the Intro again. I don’t think it could be set up to start on a fill because you would have to choose which fill you wanted to use and that would be a little more complicated to pull off.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

You can do this already. Just press the main pedal when the song is paused.

Did this by accident recently. With so much going on under foot - vocal boxes, volume pedal, etc - don’t know why I didn’t stumble on it sooner. Very cool thing to have and it opens other experiments - like starting an opening riff played over the intro sometimes. Lots of useful variability in just stock features so far…once I learn them.