Pedal doesn't support non-percussion instruments on drum kit

I have just modified most of my songs for the drum kit I made with non percussion instruments. When I plugged the SD card into the pedal it plays the songs like they are all still percussion instruments. They play correctly on the Manager but not on the pedal.

Did you modify drums for non-percussion or bass? If they sound right with the BBM, they should sound right on the pedal as well. So make sure you have the latest version of the firmware on your pedal—3.20 and if so, try downloading and repudiating your SD card using the computer’s SD slot reader. If you created your drum set with instruments panned for both channels, you’ll need to use both left and right output. If that still doesn’t work check your pedal settings for Default Drum Set.

If you want users to test your kit and songs, make them available to us thru Dropbox or Google Drive.

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I have updated the firmware and it seems to have fixed the problem. I am curious as to how different instruments are assigned left and right outputs?

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This is something that is accomplished using a DAW or perhaps a program such as Audacity.

I use Cakewalk. Is it possible with that?

Yes. When you create the .wav samples that are used in a drum kit, you will need to make them as stereo samples, 16 or 24 bit, 44.1khz wav files. You can pan the sample left or right as much as you like. When you place the sample in a BB drumkit, it will play when triggered by its assigned midi note. The sample retains the left or right pan that it has when you create it. You will need to use both the left and right outputs of the BB pedal to hear the panned samples in their correct space. The BB mono output is not a summed mono output. It only plays what is in the left channel.

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So to have a true mono O/P I need to marry the left and right O/P’s?

Yes. Otherwise you just get the left channel.