Pedal font size

Little addition - I’m using a "book magnifying glass raised " 2 inches above the visual display window in BB that I can see the transitions and counts when on stage. Either a larger font or or something like this incorporated into the pedal? Just an idea - my magnifying glass works fine :slight_smile:

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There’s a pedal setting to enable two larger font sizes in the display.

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Yep indeedy - but that’s for the folder display / drums etc. The font on the main screen when playing a song stays the same size - but it’s pretty good as people think I’m really into my solo’s and stuff when actually I’m bending down to see what part of the song I’ve transitioned to!

I had responded in the other thread before your post got moved here…

Can you put the pedal up on a small stand and use foot switches to control the BB? I’ve done this with the BB and and another pedal (TCH Voicelive Play) It allows me to see the displays much better and I now have easy access to the knobs on both.

I built a small table using a camera tripod I got at a thrift store cheap and bolted about a 12"x8" piece of plywood to the top. Very stable, the height is easily adjustable and the top can be tilted a bit for viewing a display. Legs retract to carry compactly.

Excellent idea Mark - gonna try that! My eyes have never been great. Many thanks buddy :slight_smile: