What features do you need on the BeatBuddy pedal?

As users have been suggesting new or revised pedal features, thought it timely to start a thread separate from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

Add your comments. I’m copying and moving a couple of existing threads to start populating this thread.

I’ll start it off by adding Big_Bob’s request for larger font displayed while the pedal is playing. His post is at: Pedal font size

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I would just like to be able to tap out a beat to a click track, like I can with my Alexis SR-16…

The ability to store and output at least one continuous (across bb drum-sections) midi track on another midi channel, i.e. having bb drums on channel 10 and using onother channel for the additional track. The sync for this output would be the midi clock from the Start message, provided that the midi clock is running across any Pause the user does during his performance. The channel output should be muted during Pause and reenter on the next available first beat (compensating for slight user timing errors) same as how the drums does.

This could be very usefull for bass and comping as well as midi triggering.