Pedal MIDI controller: alternatives to Behringer FCB1010?

I plan to use a pedal MIDI controller to control BeatBuddy. I don’t think I’ll need more than six pedals. A popular and relatively inexpensive option is Behringer FCB1010, but it’s huge and heavy. Is there anything more compact, with fewer pedals, at a comparable price?

Somebody posted an 8 button Midi controller awhile back. I can’t find the link. It’s definitely more compact than the Behringer, but I also seem to recall that it cost a bit more. In terms of bang for the buck, the Behringer is gonna be the best bet, but there are more compact options available. Check Disaster Area and Actition for some alternatives.

There are probably several good MIDI controllers out there but I’m not sure there are many as inexpensive as the Behringer. If you can find any one of the following used, they’re all reasonably small:

  • McMillen Soft Step II; need the Expander as well
  • G Lab GSC 4
  • Molten Voltage Master Control

So far, nothing as cheap as Behringer, except this one that is produced locally (Russia):

I have a month-old Morningstar MC6 ( that I bought for my Grandmeister that is turning out to be two buttons short of what I need. It’s quite amazing, though, and very programmable. It would make a great MIDI controller for the BB.

Thank you for another option. The price is viable, though 1.5x more expensive than Behringer and slightly more expensive than BJ Devices (at least the local price for it).

Thanks, that’s the one I was trying to remember!

@Temcat - If you can pick-up a used ART X-15 off E-bay or Reverb, that is a very easily programmable device. It is as big as the Behringer, though.

Another user said nice things about the Yamaha MFC10 MIDI Foot Controller.

Here’s a link on what Reverb has to offer (an almost-all-in-one list of control boards):

MFC10 looks nice, but is a bit expensive. And the list on Reverb is excellent!

Yeah, I can see that it’s just as big, and besides it’s not readily available where I live (St. Petersburg, Russia). So if I go for this size, I’ll rather just buy Behringer brand new.

Makes sense. Let us know if you find the right board and how you like it.