Pedal Power Recommendations?

Hi Guys

Looking into buying an isolated pedal power supply and would like some advice and recommendations.

Could you possibly tell me what you’re using (that works with the Beat Buddy as well) and if it’s working out for you!

I know that BB needs 500ma which is a lot for a supply!

Thanks in advance

I use a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 4x4 isolated power supply. I have a current doubler on one of the 9 volt 400ma outputs and one on the 9 volt 100ma outputs. The current doubler is a special y-cable made by Voodoo Labs that combines/adds the current from two outputs while leaving the voltage the same. The input jack on the Beat Buddy end is a bit out of spec in my opinion and the Voodoo Labs male connector just barely makes contact. But if I make sure it is pushed in all the way tight, it seems to hold fine during a show. Has not stopped on me yet (fingers crossed). If it becomes a problem, I may splice the male connector from the BB AC adapter onto the Voodoo cable. So far so good. Works great!!!

Thanks for that. Hearing good things about Voodoo power supplies. I’ll check it out. Might be an easy solution if you can have a current doubler. Thanks again!

I’m using a Voodoo Labs 4x4 as well, and it works just fine on 400ma. I believe that it requires 300ma.

The spec on the charger is 500ma. But that probably allows for some extra headroom. It probably does not use anywhere near that under a normal load. I had the extra power outlets so I went ahead and configured it that way. You should be fine.

Took the dive thanks guys and bought a 4x4… looking forward to hooking it all up.

Now just have to learn how to make beats with bass!

Congrats on your purchase!! Rock on! Cheers!!

Check with aashideacon. He has all kinds of songs with added Bass.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

I have several threads around describing various processes, but it’s all about to get super easy. That’s why I haven’t posted anything lately.

Do tell!!!

The 500 note limit is going away. So making songs with bass will be as simple as pulling the drum and bass midi tracks from a midi, combine them and transpose the bass, and load the entire thing as an outro.

A simple 4 beat foot hat would be the main loop. So, you’ll start a song, hear the tempo count tsh tsh tsh tsh and when you want to play the song with “end”, and it will play the whole song as the outro and end. No interaction other than start, and no interaction during the song, and no tedious chopping up the song into pieces. Basically, I’ll be able to create any song I want in mere minutes as long as I have a decent midi.

Sounds awesome. Even though I don’t have anything midi to pick up the Bass, it still sounds like a great idea. How did you get the news ahead of time about the 500 note midi limit?
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

well, the drumkit is just samples. what guitar stu did, and several of us have picked up, is instead of drum sounds for certain midi notes, we made bass sounds. We have special kits that have drum samples as well as bass samples. (notes 64-88 are bass samples instead of random percussion)

I’ve volunteered to be a tester/developer so I get to see and test the Next Big Thing :slight_smile:

The Next Big Thing is going to have some very cool stuff!

The issue with releases is always about how much to you release at a time… you eventually have to cut it off and release.


Also I believe that whereas percussion notes are just a velocity without a duration, bb is going to pay attention to note offs/zero velocity notes, so those bass notes are going to be able to be ended, thus bass lines will be much more snappy instead of the bleah bleah bleah sound they have now (since the only way to stop a note is via “choke” which is when a different bass note plays. without choke, and with noteoff/zero velocity, we can have polyphany with bass or whatever instrument we want to implemetn besides simple drums sounds. ahemmellotronahemmysecretnewsetahem

My opinion is that playing midi was just a means to an end to play snippets of drum fragments in the beatbuddy, but once set upon the world, a whole new world of possibiity is opening up. sequencers at our feet without laptops and complicated setups. As part of the people who hear some of the back and forth, exciting things are coming!

Awesome news. I just heard from Daef that the new release will have some quantizing goodies in there also, hopefully, anyways. Oh, by the way, you are just a little bit famous and it’s growing. Just thought I’d let you know. As far as the developing is concerned, I knew you had something back there in the closet and you were just biding your time. So, now it’s here. I’m glad for you. You seem quite knowledgeable. Wow! That’s a big word!
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

Oddly I’m a little down that all the skils I learned to make BB songs with bass are now all obsolete, but at the same time excstatic that I can play any song i want all the way through.

I think I would really prefer a compromise though. I think i would prefer a simple “loopcount” for each main loop. in that case each loop loops a specified number of times, then moves on. I think with that, you could control a song and maybe add an extra solo, or skip a solo etc. Not sure.

When the 500 note limit is sent to the history books I will go back and make a few of my songs full songs but there are alot of them that I really like in the current format because of the flexability.

What does that mean songs with added Bass ?
Are you talking about the Bass guitar or Bass drum?
Still waiting for my BB and I am curious what you mean by that.

check the resources section link at the top of the page .